I.E.S. Rodrigo Caro is located in Coria del Río, a small town 10 km southeast Seville, south Spain. It is a fair-sized public school (29 classrooms)situated on a hill overseeing Guadalquivir river ; it comprises Compulsory (11-year-old students to 16-year-olds) and Non-compulsory (16-18 year old students) Secondary Education and also provides Vocational Studies in Computing, a total number of 800 students. School also offers evening courses for adults, in two different modalities, both in site and online , with 400 students. Specific social context: low-middle class area, culturally and economically disadvantaged with a few students coming from upper-middle class. Our school also offers evening remedial lessons , especially for immigrants who don’t speak Spanish.

I.E.S Rodrigo Caro.

foto1 rodrigo caro

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