We expect students to appreciate that education can be found outside schools , to acknowledge that former generations can be providers of education and to diminish the gap between generations by revising what has changed and what remains essentially the same. By turning students’ own families, fellow townspeople and teachers into subjects of study, we also hope to make pupils change their perception of schools, acknowledge their culture and bring families back to school life when they understand that their contribution will always be welcomed; as well, we want our students to acquire new social ,communication and instrumental skills.


There will be a continuous feedback among partners through google group ; as regards disseminations, depending on country, Facebook and Twitter accounts could be opened, apart from local newspapers, TV &radio stations ;final product, a magazine, will be main , long-lasting dissemination tool .Project webpage, run by coordinating school, will be updated after activities and will include digital copies of all the tasks in charge of rest of partners; it will include link to rest of schools’ websites.